Comprehensive Education is very important for overall development of personality – CM Champai Soren

West Singhbhum : Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren said, Better education leads to a better society and state. Education is a medium which decides the direction of your future. Good education is essential for the overall development of a person. This is the reason why our government is strengthening the education system.

Chief Minister Champai Soren was addressing the inauguration-foundation stone laying ceremony and asset distribution ceremony among the beneficiaries of degree colleges and various schemes in Bandgaon and Hatgamharia of West Singhbhum district under Kolhan University at Tata College grounds in Chaibasa today.

The Chief Minister said that now you do not need to go out for college studies. A degree college is being opened in your village or nearby, where you can pursue your studies. For this now you will not have to go to cities. The government is committed to providing better education to children in rural areas from primary to college.

The Chief Minister said that the government has made continuous efforts to promote tribal and regional languages. In this context, now teaching of tribal and regional languages like Kudukh, Ho, Mundari and Santhali is being started from primary schools. For this, instructions have been given to appoint expert teachers. Our government is working towards preserving the tribal and regional languages and giving them a distinct identity.

The Chief Minister said that many schemes have been started by the government to strengthen the education system of the state. Necessary resources and facilities are being provided to the educational institutions here. Schools of Excellence and Model Schools have been opened to provide quality education to poor children in their own villages. To ensure that children’s education is not interrupted due to financial constraints, the scholarship amount has been increased three times. Girl students are being linked to Savitribai Kishori Savitri Yojana.

Through the Guruji Credit Card Scheme, education loans up to Rs 15 lakh are being given to students for pursuing courses like medical engineering.  Under the Manki Munda Scholarship Scheme, financial assistance is being given to girl students for technical education. The state government is giving 100% scholarship to the tribal, Dalit, minority and backward class students for higher education abroad. 

The Chief Minister said that the government is committed to protecting the tribal language, culture, traditions, water, forests, land, social and religious places and the identity of the tribals and indigenous people. Our government will not allow any kind of tampering with this. This is our heritage. Will give it a different identity in the country and the world. 

The Chief Minister said that this is your government. We understand your pain and sorrow very well. In such a situation, by making plans as per your expectations and needs, we are taking them to the last person of the society. 

He said that along with fulfilling people’s needs like food, clothing and shelter, they are strengthening the social, economic and educational systems. A network of 15 thousand kilometers of roads is being laid in the rural areas of the state. Many projects have been started to supply water to the fields through underground pipelines. Today pension is reaching every family. 30 lakh families are getting the benefit of 125 units of electricity.

20 lakh poor are being given three room permanent houses under Abu Awas. There are many other schemes which have been started to empower you. The Chief Minister said that after the formation of Jharkhand state, no one was concerned about the development here for 19 years.

The mineral resources here continued to be exploited. The interests of the tribals and natives continued to be ignored. But, after assuming the post of Chief Minister in the year 2019, Hemant Babu gave a new direction to the development of the state with his efficient leadership. Today our government is moving forward on the same path and giving a new dimension to development.

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