Colours of freedom: PM Modi’s turban choice brightens India’s I-Day celebrations

New Delhi (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi consistently wears impeccable traditional attire during national celebrations. Displaying enthusiasm and patriotic hues, he, renowned for his flamboyant and vivid turbans, has opted to showcase one with a predominant yellow tone in the lively colour palette on the 77th Independence Day.

Beyond merely showcasing tradition, his clothing carries symbolism — which is mostly about nation-building and well-being. PM Modi’s distinctive outfits during Independence Day events have consistently captured the nation’s attention.

Addressing the nation from the historic Red Fort, he opted for a classic cream-coloured kurta and churidar, paired with a jacket featuring intricate chain-like patterns, and a safa (headgear) adorned with colorful stripes and a long trail.

Last year, PM Modi wore a white headgear embellished with patterns resembling our national flag’s saffron and green hues. He paired it with a white kurta and churidar, topped with powder blue jacket and black shoes.

This day marks India’s liberation from two centuries of British colonial rule, characterised by oppression and subjugation.

Independence Day festivities pay tribute to the unwavering dedication and sacrifices of our brave leaders and freedom fighters, who dedicated their lives to the nation’s betterment.

Donning traditional attire, PM Modi proudly raised the national flag for the tenth consecutive year.

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