CM Secretariat employee reached ED office with reply to the letter

Ranchi: CM Secretariat personnel reached the ED office on Monday with the reply to the letter written by ED to CM Hemant Soren.

However, the employee refused to tell anything about what was written in the letter.

ED has written a letter to the CM and given him five days (16-20 January) to record his statement.

Out of these five days, he has been asked to inform the time and place for recording his statement within two days.

A warning has also been given that if he does not come to record his statement, the ED will itself approach him.

ED has asked to treat the letter sent to the Chief Minister as a summons.

In the letter sent to the CM, it has been said that the law is equal for everyone.

Just because you are the CM, it does not mean that you are above the law.

The summons sent by ED is legal.

You will have to comply with this and record your statement.

ED had written in the letter that before this you were given seven days’ time by sending a letter (summons).

Out of these seven days, you were given time to indicate a suitable place and record your statement within two days.

But AAP accused the ED of acting with malicious intent.

You did not follow the law.

You comply with the lawful summons sent by ED and inform the place and time to record the statement within two days.

In case of non-compliance with the summons, the Directorate will be bound to enforce it and will personally reach out to you to record your statement.

In such a situation, it is your responsibility to maintain law and order.

Therefore, from your own level, give appropriate instructions to the Chief Secretary and DGP of the state to maintain law and order.

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