CM Hemant Soren offered tribute on 36th Martyrdom Day of Martyr Nirmal Mahato, paid tribute to his tomb at Jamshedpur

Ranchi:  Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren offered floral tribute to the statue of Martyr Nirmal Mahato at Jamshedpur on Tuesday.

He said, the government is doing every work, which is related to the respect and rights of the people of the state.

It is our commitment to bring a smile to every face.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren was addressing the Martyrdom Day program organized at Ulyan, Jamshedpur today on the occasion of 36th Martyrdom Day of Veer Shaheed Nirmal Mahato.

The Chief Minister paid tribute to Martyr Nirmal Mahato by garlanding his statue at the Samadhi Sthal.

The Chief Minister said that as long as Jharkhand exists, Martyr Nirmal Mahto will remain immortal.

The Chief Minister said that there are some such things in the state which have become stone lines in the history of the state.

Martyr Nirmal Mahto is one of them.

This day is a day when we have lost such a personality, whose place no one can replace.

Whatever time of his life he gave in the struggle for Jharkhand’s separate state, he can never forget it.

He was the guide of Jharkhand’s people in true sense.

He was a skilled organization and leader.

His decision making ability was amazing.

With his ideals, we have kept him alive.

The Chief Minister said that for the separate state of Jharkhand, the tribals and natives of this place did a long struggle and movement.

Countless sacrifices were made.

But, in the last 20 years after the formation of a separate state, their sacrifice could not get the respect and place it should have got in the state.

Our government is renovating Jharkhand according to the dreams of its brave martyrs and agitators.

For 20 years after Jharkhand became a separate state, the hopes of the poor, backward, Dalits, tribals, farmers, women, laborers and youth had started shattering.

But, since our government is there, we are working to fulfill everyone’s hopes and aspirations.

Today the government is solving your problems by reaching your doorstep.

Officers are coming to your village and connecting you with the schemes.

We have taken a pledge that we will take development to every person of this state, no matter how many challenges may come in front.

The Chief Minister said that today large-scale recruitment is being done in the state.

The recruitment process has started for more posts than those that were not filled in the last 20 years.

The government has made a law to ensure that there is no disturbance in all these appointments, transparency remains in the examinations and those who are promising get jobs.

Under this law, whoever tampers with the competitive examinations or leaks the question paper will be in jail, be it any person, officer-employee or institution.

On this occasion, Minister Champai Soren, Minister Joba Manjhi, Minister Banna Gupta, MLA Mathura Prasad Mahato, MLA Ramdas Soren, MLA Savita Mahato, MLA Sanjeev Sardar, MLA Sameer Mohanty, MLA Mangal Kalindi and former Many former MPs and former MLAs including MP Suman Mahato were also present.

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