Cleanliness staff of Sadar Hospital gets first Coronavirus injection in state

Ranchi: Corona vaccination drive in Jharkhand commenced from the Sadar Hospital Ranchi on Saturday and it was a female cleaning staff of the Physiotherapy department Mariyam Gudiya who received the first vaccine.

Mariyam later said that it was the most memorable day of her live. She said that she has been working in the Sadar Hospital since 2013 and despite being a small personnel in the hospital her selection for receiving the vaccine was a matter of immense pride for her. She said that she has a 10 year old son however during covid everyday she had to come to hospital.

Mariyam said that it when she used to come to the hospital she was often worried about her son but despite that she never ran away from work as work for her was important. She said that she was immensely happy and claimed that after receiving the injection she did not face any problem and claimed to be normal. She went on to add that even after 90 minutes she did not have any problems and said that the vaccine was safe and everyone should take it.

Director of Medica Hospital Dr Vijay Mishra was given the second vaccine at the Sadar Hospital. He too claimed that he did not face any problem and was completely healthy. He also advocated that every person should be given the vaccine. The doctor said that in a span of a year the fear of Covid-19 has gone away from the people but that does not mean that coronavirus has been eradicated.

He said that amid the pandemic the vaccine has been developed and vaccination was important for everyone. He said that from the safety point of view the vaccine was completely safe however how effective it was it was too early to comment as unless on a large scale test of people is done it would be not easy to comment on its effects.

Dr Mishra said that even the private hospitals are ready for the vaccination drive as everywhere dry run has been completed. He said that even the private hospitals were actively involved in the treatment of coronavirus and once the directions are received from the state government the vaccines will also be given in the private hospitals.

The third Corona vaccine was given to senior staff nurse of Sadar Hospital Teresa Hembrom. She said that there are hundreds of staff nurse in the Sadar Hospital but she had been selected at the 3rd number for the vaccination. She claimed that initially she was scared as she had read reports about its side effect and even her family members were worried but after the vaccination she is relieved and happy that she had been given the injection.

Sister Teresa later said that there was no need to be afraid of the vaccine and the coronavirus vaccine was similar to the vaccines for other disease. She said that it after the vaccination she was kept under observation for 30 minutes and during that period her health condition including the BP was at normal. She jokingly said that being a sister it was her work to give injections to others but after years she was given the injections by Doctors with other nurses surrounding her.

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