Clash between two groups in Old Ranchi, firing, one youth injured, police station surrounded

Ranchi: There was a clash between two groups in Old Ranchi of Kotwali police station area of Ranchi late at night on 5th June.

After the incident of clash, several rounds of firing were also done.

A young man named Akash was injured in this firing.

He has suffered serious head injury.

After the incident, angry people reached Kotwali police station late in the night and surrounded the police station demanding action.

Meanwhile, injured youth Akash was taken to RIMS for treatment.

Where his treatment was started in the emergency ward.

He received several stitches due to serious head injury.

According to the information, there was an incident of fighting and firing between Gagan and Akash faction near Akhara Chowk of Old Ranchi over some issue late on Wednesday night.

It is being told that both the groups work to capture land for different builders.

Gagan had built a boundary wall for a builder, which was broken by the other party late in the night.

After which the uproar started.

When the matter escalated to such an extent that a fight broke out between the two groups.

Meanwhile, someone fired several rounds.

However, the shooter has not been identified yet.

The situation is still tense in the area.

Police forces have been deployed as a precaution.

A young man named Akash was shot in this firing

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