CID handed over the list of 316 criminals to Ranchi Police

Ranchi: The Crime Investigation Department (CID) has handed over a list of 316 criminals to the Ranchi Police.

Criminals of murder, theft, dacoity, snatching, rape, pickpocketing and cheating are also included in this list.

Out of 316 criminals, 85 criminals have been kept in the category of vicious criminals.

On whom 10 or more cases are registered.

Those vicious criminals who are out of jail, police station attendance and District Badar action will be taken against them.

Ranchi Police has prepared a separate list of 104 criminals belonging to 11 gangs of the city.

This list includes Aman Saav, Aman Srivastava, Sujit Sinha, Lama Gang, Rohit Munda Gang Police will punish the jailed criminals involved in this gang through speedy trial.

The Ranchi Police is keeping a close watch on the jailed criminals and those who meet them.

Regarding this, two jail nodal officers have been deputed on the instructions of SSP Kishore Kaushal.

The deputed nodal officer will collect information about the activities of the criminals lodged in the jail and give it to his preferred officer.

Apart from this, the nodal officer will be in charge of the external security of the entire jail on behalf of the district police.

While taking the prisoners from the jail to the court and coming, in compliance with the prescribed norms, if any kind of error is found, they will resolve it and hand over the report to their preferred officer.

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