Chief Secretary expresses displeasure over the working style of the officers of Gumla & Lohardaga districts

Ranchi: Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh has expressed his strong displeasure over the working style of the officials of the Gumla and Lohardaga districts due to the lack of satisfactory progress in the schemes related to the dream project of the government.

He said that the Chief Minister has a maximum emphasis on these schemes. But, even in the implementation of these schemes, their negligence is increasing. The achievements are negligible in contrast to the target set he said that talking only in figures will not work.

In reality, laxity is being done in the initiative to connect the beneficiaries with these schemes. He asked the officers to ensure the execution of all pending applications of focused schemes within 15 days, otherwise, be ready for action.

In the Chief Minister’s review meeting, the Director General of Police Neeraj Sinha gave strict instructions to the police officers regarding control of extremism and crime in the Lohardaga and Gumla districts. He said that incidents like rape and murder are increasing in many police station areas. There is a delay in the investigation of criminal cases.

Criminal incidents are happening in police stations at a faster rate than the execution of criminal cases. Laxity is also being done in the matter of warrants and attachment seizure. He said that this shows the failure of the police.

He told the police officers to take concrete steps to control crime, otherwise, be ready for action. Action will be taken against the policemen in the police station area where criminal incidents will increase.

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