Chief Electoral Officer met elderly voters in Jamshedpur, honored them with roses and shawls

Jamshedpur: Chief Electoral Officer Shri K Ravi Kumar met senior citizens in Jamshedpur as part of a pre-planned program and took information related to their voter certificates. He said that a special campaign is being run for senior voters across the state. Under this, the election related officials of all the districts will meet the elderly voters there and get information about whether their name is there in the voter list or not. Also, if anyone wants to make any kind of correction in their voter card, then they can fill the form and issue the voter ID card.

On this occasion, the Chief Electoral Officer while addressing the elders said that the Election Commission of India has directed that all the senior citizens have to go to their homes and register them. Also, arrangements have to be made for the elderly who are not able to come to the polling booth but still want to come to the booth and vote. Along with this, arrangements have to be made for those who want to vote at home.

He said that all of you have contributed to building the country by voting for years. You are incapacitated by your body. The Commission is making arrangements for you so that this does not become an obstacle to your important contribution in the election process.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that every vote has importance in building the country. You all must vote. In the coming month of March, election-related officials will come to meet you again and will make arrangements after knowing whether you are willing to vote from home or from the booth.

On this occasion, the district-level election officials of East Singhbhum got a coffee mug related to Senior Voters Voice unveiled by the Chief Electoral Officer and also arranged for a selfie zone for the awareness of senior voters. On this occasion, the Chief Electoral Officer met the senior voters and heard their problems. Also had breakfast with him and honored him by covering him with a shawl and giving him a rose.

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