CEO Election Commission K. Ravi Kumar inaugurated Short film with message of family voting “Ud Chali..” launched ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Ranchi:  CEO Election Commission K. Ravi Kumar said, this time voting arrangements have been made throughout the day in the state. The voting period is from 7.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Any voter who remains in queue at his polling station before 5.00 pm will be able to exercise his franchise. For a large section of voters who are associated with essential services and remain on duty on the polling day, arrangements have been made to exercise their franchise through postal ballot.

Such services have been notified as ‘essential services’. These things were said by the Chief Electoral Officer K Ravi Kumar said this while addressing media representatives at the launch program of various awareness materials for Lok Sabha elections from Nirvachan Sadan Auditorium.

He said that the Election Commission has also made arrangements for home voting through postal ballot for voters with more than 40 percent disability and those voters above 85 years of age who are not able to go to the polling booth.

He said that the Election Commission is working with the aim that no voter is left out. Awareness materials are being released so that the importance of elections reaches every section of Jharkhand, people become aware and participate actively in voting.

On this occasion, a short film Ud Chali made by regional artists for voter awareness was released by the Chief Electoral Officer. Which has been directed by Saikat Chatterjee of Jharkhand. Through this film, the importance of elections and each vote has been explained among the people. Also, it has been said that before building a family, one should build the country.

In this film, emphasis has been laid on celebrating elections as a festival and participating in voting with the entire family. The slogan of the Election Commission of India for this Lok Sabha election is “Celebration of elections, pride of the country”. This slogan has been converted into poster banners in 8 languages of Jharkhand, namely, Nagpuri, Kudukh, Ho, Khadiya, Kudmali, Khortha, Mundari and Santali.

It is to be disseminated among the people of the respective linguistic area through this medium so that this message of the Election Commission of India can reach the voters speaking those regional languages also. Nagpuri language video song “Chunav Kar Parab, Des Kar Garb” produced by local artists was also released. 

This song tells the importance of elections to every section of people including farmers, elders, youth and disabled people and inspires them to participate enthusiastically in it. On this occasion, a song from the short film Ud Chali has been taken for election awareness. In which the message has been given to voters of all categories to vote together with their entire family, and this time, voting throughout the day from 7 am to 5 pm reaches the people.

Photographs of the artworks made by the artists in the art festival organized by the District Election Office at Audrey House have been made in the form of a coffee table book. Which was released.

This time in Jharkhand, voters will be able to exercise their franchise from 7 am to 5 pm. With the aim of spreading this message to the masses, the Chief Electoral Office also launched the slogan “This time, voting throughout the day, from seven in the morning to five in the evening”.

Video tutorial by the Chief Electoral Office through I-Bhai, giving detailed information to the people about all the procedures related to the elections, in the video series from home for the people above 85 years of age or with more than 40 percent disability who are unable to come to the polling booth.

Information was given on how to vote and the media representatives who would be on duty on the day of voting were also given information on how to use the postal ballot.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Neha Arora, OSD Geeta Choubey, Joint Chief Electoral Officer Subodh Kumar, Deputy Director Public Relations Anand, Deputy Electoral Officer Headquarters Sanjay Kumar, Ud Chali short film director Saikat Chatterjee, Nagpuri Geet Lyricist and singer Sunil Kumar and his entire team were present.

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