Central Peace Committee meeting held under the chairmanship of DC, asks to refrain from spreading rumors

Ranchi: A meeting of the Central Peace Committee was organized under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Ranchi Chhavi Ranjan.

During the meeting held at Collectorate Auditorium, the Deputy Commissioner said that the Ranchi district has been the flag bearer of ‘Ganga- Jamuni Tehzeeb’. The tradition of working with mutual cooperation and brotherhood to ensure that the atmosphere of and peace in Ranchi is maintained forever will have to be maintained in the future also. For this work, the Central Peace Committee Ranchi has to play an important role.

He said in clear words that if any kind of rumors come on social media the police officials must be informed. It will be the responsibility of the Ranchi residents they will not forward the news of any rumor to any other mobile number or in any group.

SSP Surendra Kumar Jha has clarified to the Central Peace Committee that no innocent person will be punished and no guilty will be spared in the riots of June 10.

The members of the Central eace Committee thanked the district administration for the work done by the district administration on June 10 to control the uncontrollable crowd on the main road. During the meeting,
members of the Central Peace Committee, representatives of Anjuman Islamia, Mahavir Mandal, etc assured full cooperation to the district administration, Ranchi.

For the Friday prayers on June 17, the members have voluntarily taken the responsibility of offering prayers in a peaceful atmosphere. It was suggested to create a WhatsApp group of Peace Committee. It was decided to make cards of the members of the Peace Committee. It was also decided to conduct a confidence-building program among the youth.

The office holders and members of all religious places have been asked to join the peace committee. It was told by the Central Peace Committee that by organizing meetings in the streets a message of peace would also be given to all sections of the people.

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