Celebrating a safe Diwali amidst COVID-19 and pollution

New Delhi (IANSlife) How does air pollution affect our health? There are many organs and bodily functions that can be harmed, consequences include respiratory disease like COPD, aggravation of bronchial asthma; fatigue, headaches and anxiety; irritation of the eyes, nose and throat; nervous system damage and have effects on the cardiovascular system.

Here are some precautions you can follow to keep away from harmful effects of air-pollution.

MAINTAIN FREQUENT VENTILATION: Occasionally, keep your windows open to will allow proper ventilation. It allows the air to circulate through the house, keeping it fresh.

WEAR MASKS: It is important to be responsible and take mandatory precautions. The COVID-19 pandemic this year has made the use of mask a necessity.

DON’T USE SANITISER BEFORE LIGHTING DIYA/CANDLES: Refrain from using hand sanitizers which are alcohol based before lighting diyas, candles or any such thing. This is because sanitisers are inflammable and can cause fire hazards.

KEEP SANITISERS AWAY FROM FIRE: Since most sanitisers are alcohol based, they can easily catch fire. Therefore, keep your sanitiser bottles on a safe place.

KEEP WATER HANDY: Instead of carrying sanitiser everywhere you can consider carrying water and paper soap rather.

CONSUME A VITAMIN C DIET RICH: Try to consume fruit which is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and omega fatty acids. These nutrients help to strengthen the overall immunity of the body.

MAINTAIN PHYSICAL DISTANCING: It is recommended that you celebrate Diwali this year staying indoors mostly. However if you are meeting someone, fold your hands in.

AVOID HEAVY EXERCISES IN OPEN: Try to avoid heavy exertion activities and going outdoors and for doing physical activities such as cycling, jogging etc. during the early morning and evening. Although gym or indoor exercises are permissible, they should be done in moderation. It is better to limit the outdoor activities for children.

KEEP AN INHALER AND MEDICINES HANDY: Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and have respiratory related illness should keep their inhaler and medicines handy and follow the above precautionary tips.

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