CBI should investigate NEET paper leak case:  Supriyo Bhattacharya

Ranchi: JMM general secretary and spokesperson Supriyo Bhattacharya said that the CBI should investigate the NEET paper leak case.

He also demanded the arrest of the Chairman of NTA (National Testing Agency) and the Human Resources Minister in this case.

He said that all such frauds happening at present have happened during the BJP rule.

Supriyo said that yesterday PM Narendra Modi had come to Nalanda in Bihar.

There he said that India has to be taken forward.

To become a world guru.

He said, it seems PM Modi is still in election mode.

He said, exams are held on a fixed date and on the next day PM Modi says big things on education. But the exam gets canceled at night.

He said that the NEET exam issue is directly related to the condition of education in the country.

Alleged that in this NEET paper leak case, education was being tarnished.

The Supreme Court is also worried about the NEET issue.

Supriyo further said that if students become doctors with examinations being conducted with malpractice, then it is a very serious matter.

Supriyo said that similarly, the reality of the vaccines administered during the Corona period came to light later.

Investigation revealed that those administering these vaccines may be in danger of life.

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