Caste census will open doors for the development: Pradeep Yadav

Ranchi:  The approval of the proposal for caste census by the Jharkhand Cabinet will open doors for the development of all those sections who have not got the share as per their participation.

The above statement was given by Congress Legislature Party Deputy Leader Pradeep Yadav during a press conference held at Congress Bhawan.

He thanked Chief Minister Champai Soren cabinet members including Congress and all the parties involved in the alliance for passing the resolution.

He also thanked former All India Congress President Rahul Gandhi that Rahul Gandhi fought on this issue from the streets to the House and today we have reached this stage.

Our in-charge Ghulam Ahmed Mir, State President Rajesh Thakur was continuously talking to the government regarding this.

Yadav said that the Congress believes that this decision will make the Dalits, tribals, backward and deprived minorities of the state a partner in the development of the state and the way the BJP has deprived a large section of their rights for the last 20 years as part of a conspiracy, this will give them their rights.

Congress and Rahul Gandhi wanted a caste census to be conducted in the entire country, a long struggle is being carried out for this even today, and this decision of the Jharkhand government will also affect this struggle and will send a message to the country that the Congress government or the coalition government will not stop this issue.

But it is completely serious.

Yadav said that just as OBC reservation is zero in 7 districts of Jharkhand, by conducting caste census, the participation of OBCs can be increased in such districts.

Census is the work of the Central Government but in case it was not conducted by the Centre, the State Government found a way and handed over the responsibility to the Personnel Department.

Taking aim at BJP, he said that if BJP really wants the development of Dalits, backward classes and minorities, then it should conduct caste census in the entire country.

The whole country and the whole world has recognized the face of BJP that it is anti-backward and anti-Dalit.

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