CBI says ‘Judge Killing’ being probed from new angle

Ranchi: The Central Bureau of Investigation on Friday informed the Jharkhand High Court that it is probing the killing of ADJ Uttam Anand with a new angle.

The CBI informed the HC that it was also looking the case as an attempt of mobile loot resulting in murder, however the probe was still on in the case with all other options. The CBI said that even in brain mapping and narco test nothing was found but some more tests have been done whose reports are awaited.

On this Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court Dr Ravi Ranjan said that CCTV footage show no attempt of loot and it is clearly visible that he has been deliberately killed.

Commenting further the Chief Justice said that it appears difficult that CBI will reach on a concrete evidence in the case. It seems the case is heading towards mystery of unexplained, he said adding that the more time the accused will get in the case it will be get more difficult to find the evidences.

ADJ Uttam Anand was killed on July 28 in Dhanbad after being hit by an autorickshaw while he was going on a morning walk. The police had managed to arrest the two accused Lakhan Verma and Rahul Verma in the case.

Later the case got transferred to the CBI which is being monitored by the High Court. Every week the CBI has to submit a progress report in the case before the High Court.

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