Business closed in Dhanbad, Jharkhand Chamber said – loss of Rs 500 crore

Ranchi: Ransom is demanded every day from the traders of Koylanchal Dhanbad. If the ransom is delayed or not paid, they are shot dead. In view of the increasing crime, the business association of Dhanbad, where business worth Rs 500 crore was done on Karva Chauth.

Traders have closed their businesses and are sitting at home. Dhanbad businessman Vikas Aggarwal said that the influence of the Khan Gang demanding ransom has increased a lot these days. In the last few months, the gang members only ask for time, and kill as soon as they are late.

This type of crime was seen in films, where people were killed if money was not paid on time after threats from the underworld. This gang is working in a similar manner in Dhanbad also. Till now, the gang has targeted and shot many businessmen.

The incident that took place at Saluja Motors is a testimony to the fact that the criminal fired two shots with threat. This firing was just to scare. After that, if the money is not given within the stipulated time, the businessman is killed within a short period of time.

The Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce expressed its objection to this and held a press conference on Wednesday. Chamber President Kishore Mantri said that the government is afraid of the increasing crime in Dhanbad. The DGP has been informed about this. Despite this, no action has been taken till now. The businessman who used to pay GST of Rs 100 crore every day is scared in Jharkhand today, in which the traders of Dhanbad, who pay the highest tax, are leaving their business and sitting at home.

How can the state develop in such a situation? Therefore, it is necessary that the government takes responsibility for this by constituting a special task force. It has also become necessary for the government that if the image of the state gets tarnished then the investment from outside will go away. Therefore, the government can improve its image by eliminating that gang. The Chambers have decided to meet the DGP, after which a delegation of the Chamber  will visit Dhanbad in the next two days.

RK Chaudhary PRO Motors PRO, Jyoti Kumari Treasurer FJCCI, Rohit Poddar, Vikas Vijayvargiya and many others were present on the occasion.

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