Budget Session: CM hits back at BJP says ‘Double Engine’ government made the state bleed

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren during the ongoing budget session hit back at the BJP and accused that the main opposition party instead of bringing development in the state through the ‘double engine’ government had rather made the state to bleed.

Replying on behalf of the government he  said that for years the BJP either by hook or crook remained in power and at that time they had coined the word double engine government but instead of bringing development this double engine government made the state bleed.

He said that the speed of this double engine government can be imagined from the fact that the entire system has been destroyed by them. He said that for the first time in the country on a large scale schools have been closed on which they claimed that this would result in to the savings of Rs 1500 crores however what they did with that saved money is not known to anyone.

The Chief Minister said that in the name of of agriculture reforms they only visited foreign countries and in the name of industrial development looted the land in the state and cases were imposed on the backwards and the tribals. He said at the time when the BJP and their leaders should have seen the wells and the by-lanes of the villages at that time they were busy seeing their corporate friends at the airports and were trying to make the elephant fly. He said that there was not a single department left in which BJP has not done a major scam.

Adding further he said that these people are now talking about reforms in the state but they are the same people who sold the water of Jharkhand to Bihar, where as a person involved in medicine scam is talking about reforms in Healthcare sector, those who have done is scams in the name of Dhoba construction are not talking about reforms in agriculture sector.

The Chief Minister said that BJP MLA C P Singh is among the senior most members of the house and from him new MLAs learn how to conduct themselves inside the house but he rather tore the policies of the government inside the house there for he should be suspended for a week. He said that during his stint as Urban Development minister C P Singh destroyed the entire Morabadi Grounds in the name of making it a Times Square and spent Rs 40 crore for parking of 160 vehicles in the name of underground parking.

Hemant Soren said that BJP and its leaders were getting stomach ache as the present state government was working. He said that his government does not work on the basis of talks by the officials but takes decisions after analysing the situation from its own eyes.

He said there was no need to have record books to understand the problems of the poor. The Chief Minister said that when he has talked about providing 75 percent reservation in private jobs and jobs to the kin of the andolankaris the people of the BJP are feeling unwell.

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