Budget Session: Clad in ‘Bhagwa’ attire BJP MLAs attend house, raise slogans of Jai Shri Ram & Har Har Mahadeo

Ranchi: Buoyed by the victory of the BJP in Assembly elections of four states the MLAs in Jharkhand reached the assembly clad in Bhagwa attire during which they also raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram and Har Har Mahadeo.

As soon as the house commenced its proceedings MLAs of BJP started raising the slogans of Jai Shri Ram after which Drinking Water Minister Mithlesh Thakur said that by looking at the dress of the BJP MLAs they
should be sent to temple and instead, the priests should be called here as they will more work about the welfare of the people.

Inside the Vidhansabha premises, the MLAs of the BJP also raised the slogans of Narendra Modi Zindabad. They said that a wind of change was blowing in the country and now the turn of Jharkhand has also come. Chief whip of the BJP Biranchi Narayan said in Uttar Pradesh the Bulldozer of Baba worked due to which family politics was wiped out. He said that biggest family-based political party which is the Congress has been rejected across the nation.

Baghmara MLA Dhullu Mahto said that the results of state elections are indicative of signs to come in 2024. He said that in 2024 again the entire nation will be painted, Saffron. MLA Manish Jaiswal said that people have risen above caste and religion and given their votes which is a slap on the faces of those people who do dynasty politics. He said that the results were also a lesson for the Jharkhand government as unless it changes its ways it will meet the same fate. Jaiswal said that the people of Jharkhand will teach a lesson to this government soon.

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