Budget Session: BJP MLAs create uproar over law & order situation

Ranchi: For yet another day on Friday the question hour during the ongoing Budget Session was badly disrupted by the MLAs of the BJP over the law and order situation and rising crime against the women.

As soon as Speaker Ravindranath Mahto assumed his seat the BJP MLAs led by Bhanu Pratap Sahi asked him to read the various work adjournment motions which had been moved by them and demanded to hold discussions over the issues which had been raised by them.

Speaker Ravindranath Mahto said that on Thursday itself he had given directions that the work adjournment motions would be read after the question hour. He also pointed the rules mentioned in the procedure book for running the assembly in wake of his directions and even sent a copy of the rule book to the BJP MLAs.

On this BJP MLA Manish Jaiswal that the rule book has also the provisions of holding the Chief Minister’s questions hour which this time has not been included in the proceedings of the house. He said that there was no point to read the work adjournment motions when all work is done in the house.

Soon the MLAs of the BJP stormed into the well of the house and indulged in slogan shouting. They also carried various placards with slogans written on them. The speaker said that he was not against protest but that should be in a proper manner.

He asked the MLAs to extend their cooperation and said that after question hour the work adjournment motions will be read out. In between government gave its reply on two questions raised by Congress MLA Jaimangal Singh and JMM MLA Stephen Marandi.

However as the MLAs of the BJP continue with their slogan shouting Speaker Ravindranath Mahto adjourned the house at 1125 hrs to 1230hrs. After the house gathered after the break the Speaker read out the various work adjournment motions which were moved by BJP MLAs Bhanu Pratap Sahi, Manish Jaiswal, Amit Mandal, Anant Ojha and Biranchi Narayan.

The speaker next called on Mandar MLA Bandhu Tirkey to raise his issue through call attention motion. However the MLA said that since the issue was very important in context of the state therefore the house should remain in order for the government to reply.

MLAs of the BJP once again came into the well of the house and indulged in slogan shouting due to which at 1247 hrs the speaker adjourned the house till 1400 hrs (lunch). Prior to that the Speaker announced that in the post lunch session on March 22 special discussion will be held on new Agriculture laws.

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