BJP will go door to door to save Jharkhand from corruption, misgovernance, women harassment, land loot, appeasement – Arun Oraon

Ranchi: Co-incharge of Assam BJP Scheduled Tribe Morcha and independent director of CCL Dr. Arun Oraon made a big counterattack on JMM.

Oraon was reacting strongly to JMM spokesperson Supriyo Bhattacharya’s statement.

Dr. Oraon said that JMM should worry about itself, BJP is playing the role of a strong opposition every moment.

The party is expressing public sentiments from road to house.

Which is getting immense public support from the public.

He said that the BJP state has been supported by corruption, loot of mines and minerals, unaccountable loot of tribal land from the Chief Minister and his relatives, rapes of sisters and daughters, murders, atrocities against tribals, Dalits, backward people across the state including the capital.

Is determined to get rid of the open murder of.

And with this resolution, State President and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi is going among the public through Sankalp Yatra in all the assembly constituencies of the state.

He said that JMM’s anger is natural.

But JMM should understand that BJP nook and corner will go door to door to free the state from corrupt rule and is going.

He said that the questions of the public and the resolutions of the BJP have now started stinging the JMM.

The state government of Thugbandhan has not fulfilled even a single promise.

On the contrary, the state has been given the gift of loot of mines and minerals, loot of tribal land, murder, rape, and appeasement.

And its custodians represent the Barhait assembly.

In such a situation, if Babulal has resolved to strike at the root, then the public can understand the uneasiness of JMM.

He said that Supriyo Bhattacharya’s statement is absolutely correct that the BJP’s Sankalp Yatra will further increase public resentment.

Will definitely increase and will increase against the Hemant government.

Because the truth will come out in the journey.

He said that the JMM spokesperson neither knows about the freedom struggle nor about the history of the country.

RSS is an organization beyond their intelligence, so it would have been better if the JMM spokesperson would have studied the facts and spoken.

It became clear from the statement of the JMM spokesperson on the Dumri by-election that JMM accepted its defeat even before nomination.

Due to the crushing defeat in the Ramgarh by-election, the line of worry has increased on the forehead of the Thugbandhan.

The cracks in the alliance are troubling the JMM.

He said that if JMM has to pay true tribute to Jagarnath Mahato, then why should his wife be made a minister and chief minister.

The JMM spokesperson accepted that Jagarnath Mahato was the biggest advocate of local issues in JMM.

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