BJP accuses Hemant of hiding details from EC, urges commission to take cognizance of the matter

Ranchi, Jul 8: The BJP has accused former Chief Minister and JMM’s executive president Hemant Soren of hiding facts from the Election Commission and has urged the commission to take cognisance over the issue and initiate appropriate action.


Addressing a joint press conference at the state BJP headquarters here party vice presidents Aditya Sahu and Sameer Oran said that during the affidavit submitted before the EC during the assembly polls of 2014 Mr Soren did not mention about the land which hi swife Kalpana Murmu purchased from one Raju Oraon on March 9, 2009.


Hiding the details of the property either owned by him or his wife is a very serious offence, the BJP leader said adding that the election commission should take cognisance over the issue and initiate proper action. The leaders said that over that land a Sohrai Hall has been constructed with expenditure of crores of rupee.


Moreover they also alleged that entire Soren family of under valuing  their property and said that in a rough estimate the property of the Soren clan was more than Rs 100 crore but actually that figure would be several hundred crores more.


Mr Oraon said that in his affidavit before the EC Mr Soren had showed his property worth Rs 1.10 crore while that of his wife Rs 1.50 crore. On the other hand Mr Soren in his occupation stated agriculture but remained silent over the issue of the occupation of his wife.

He said that the BJP wants to know as to which magic wand Mr Soren has the rate of whatever property he purchases increases 5-7 folds more in a matter of just few years.


The BJP leaders accused the Soren’s of making fool of the tribalsand alleged that the family purchased land in many districts at throw away prices and in even some cases by using change of address.



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