BJP accuses Hemant of creating obstacles for party ruled municipal bodies

Ranchi: The BJP has accused the state government of deliberately creating obstacles in the functioning of the party led municipal corporations and other municipal bodies in the state.

State BJP vice president and Rajya Sabha Sameer Oraon said that Hemant Government was trying to deny the people even right of drinking water. He said that the RMC had given a proposal worth Rs 19.77 crore for water supply works to the Urban Development Department against which only an allocation of Rs 44.45 lakh has been made out of which Rs 31.19 lakh is for drinking water and remaining for other water-related works.

He said that the state government was claiming that it had allocated Rs 11.37 crore to RMC but in reality, out of this a sum of Rs 10.85 lakh is for public amenities including roads, drainage, lighting, etc and this fund can not be used in other purposes.

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