Bite into artisanal gelato to beat the heat

New Delhi (IANSlife) No matter your age a bite of ice cream works wonders to lift the mood and bring back memories of childhood. With its tasty and nutritious gelato ice creams, Veluto, a new gelato company in the Capital, aims to revolutionise the ice cream industry. It has introduced international favourites, sugar free and vegan options and has also brought back good old favourites like bonbons and sandwich waffles.

The brand claims of an artisanal, authentic gelato producing process learnt and refined by the Carpigiani Gelato University, with over 30 distinct gelato flavours and combinations, over diverse items, like gelato, bonbons, frozen yoghurt, ice cream cakes, and ice cream sandwiches waffle.

This new entrant has completely transformed the ice cream market, with its delicious and healthy gelato ice creams. The company boasts of having over 30 unique gelato flavours and combinations, over a variety of goods, including gelato, bonbons, frozen yoghurt, ice cream cakes, and ice cream sandwiches waffle, all made using an artisanal, true gelato production process that was learned and perfected by the Carpigiani Gelato University.

The gelato ice cream cake, which is their flagship item, is a speciality dessert made from the mixture of two gelatos, an eggless sponge and toppings. It is a one-of-a-kind treat for any celebration. The greatest thing is that this is also offered as a sugar-free, gluten-free, or vegan dessert, making it the ideal choice for healthy dessert options. For those seeking guilt-free sweets, these come in three sizes: a whole kilo, a half kilo, or a babycake for two.

There are many different flavours available at Veluto, including traditional choices like chocolate and vanilla as well as unusual flavours like mint chocolate chip, tiramisu, and so on. One can sample ice cream flavours like Oreo vanilla, coconut jaggery, and dark chocolate sea salt in addition to traditional gelato flavours. Seasonal flavours from the company include mango, strawberries, blueberries, and many others. To provide the finest healthy dessert experience, all these amazing flavours are particularly selected in sugar-free as well as vegan versions.

Order from Veluto, directly at +91 88001 01234 or from their website at or head to their kiosk at Select Citywalk to try their unique and wonderful flavours in person.

You can also enjoy their fun branding, happy colours, and ice cream puns along with their in-store hot sellers like Waffles, Lava Cakes, Sundaes, and Milkshakes, all with an extra scoop of gelato!

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