‘Bigg Boss 16’: Letters from family leave Nimrit, Shalin in tears

Mumbai (IANS) In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, housemates will be seen receiving letters from their family, leaving contestants in tears.

A magical library in the coveted house awaits a few lucky contestants, who get to choose among three exciting wishes. Entry into this library must be earned through a task that divides the house into two teams – Team White and Team Black.

These teams must compete in the task that involves two members of each team making gold biscuits and the team that prepares the maximum number of biscuits wins the round. A member of the winning team will be granted access to the wish-granting library.

Going by the promo shared by the channel Colors on Instagram, the wishes include reading letters from family, what fans have to say and a chance to become captain of the house.

In the clip, Shalin is seen choosing the letter from the family option, as he reads, he is seen breaking down in tears. He is then heard saying that “my father says a lion never cries” and then he wipes his tears.

Nimrit too chose to read the letter shared by her family. She is seen getting emotional and then wiping her tears.

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