Big lapse in PM’s security in Ranchi, woman came in front of Modi’s car

Ranchi:  A major lapse has come to light in the security of PM Modi in the capital Ranchi. An atmosphere of panic was created among the security personnel deployed for the protection of PM Modi when PM Modi was going to Birsa Memorial on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, a woman suddenly came and stood in front of PM Modi’s car on Radium Road ahead of the SSP residence. Due to this PM Modi’s convoy stopped in the middle of the road for some time.

After this incident, an atmosphere of chaos was created on the spot. However, the security personnel present at the spot removed the woman. After this the PM’s convoy moved ahead. Sangeeta Jha, a resident of Radium Road, was worried about her husband. Due to this, she also went to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister.

On Wednesday, when Sangeeta got the information that the PM was going to pass through Radium Road, she ran into his convoy and came in front of his car. Due to this, the PM’s car had to be braked and the PM’s convoy stopped there for some time. In this matter, it is being told that the woman Sangeeta Jha was detained for entering the PM’s carcade.

During interrogation, it was revealed that she was upset with her husband and wanted to meet the PM regarding the same. After this, the woman was released after completing the paperwork. This matter is being investigated.

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