Awareness program to run for a week on Oral Health Day in Subdivision Hospital

West Singhbhum:  An awareness program will be run for a week on Oral Health Day in Chakradharpur Sub-Divisional Hospital. An awareness program was conducted in the sub-divisional hospital.

In this regard, dentist of the sub-division hospital, Deeksha Singhal, said that nowadays the problems of toothache and bad smell in gums have become common. Therefore, along with regular cleaning of teeth, it is necessary to check them. Many people start getting their teeth exorcised when they have worms in their teeth. People should not do this. Whenever there is a dental problem, people go to the hospital and get it checked.

He told that a lot of materials for dental treatment have reached the hospital. Earlier this facility was not there. But now dental problems are not being solved. Two doctors are available in the hospital only for dental. Teeth should always be kept clean. Teeth cause many serious diseases including cancer.

On the spot, Medical Officer in-charge Dr. Anshuman Sharma said that an awareness campaign will be run in the hospital for a whole week to overcome dental problems. So that people from rural areas can also reach the hospital and get their treatment.

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