Anti-Jharkhand, anti-national, and anti-development people to gather in the rally of Indi alliance: Babulal Marandi

Ranchi: State BJP President and former Chief Minister of BJP Babulal Marandi strongly criticized the Indi alliance. He said that in the rally organized by Indi Alliance in Ranchi, people who are anti-national, anti-Sanatan, anti-Jharkhand and anti-development are gathering. The same people are participating in this, who have done the work of selling and buying Jharkhand. He was talking to reporters at the party’s media center on Saturday.

Marandi said that common people also have the same opinion. Hoardings regarding the rally have been put up at various places in the city by Indi Alliance. He talked to a common man about this. He said that all the people gathered here were against the country, development, Sanatan and Jharkhand. If BJP had not formed the government in the country and Atal Bihari Vajpayee had not been the Prime Minister, Jharkhand would not have become a separate state.

BJP state president said that Congress ruled the country for 50 years, during which it suppressed the movement for separate Jharkhand state, bought Jaipal Singh, merged his party with Congress, and used Shibu Soren to save the government. Suppressed the movement by giving money. They all talk about tribals. About the development of the state and its residents. He never took care of this.

The BJP and NDA alliance has done the work of development of tribals, giving them respect and taking the state on the path of development. Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee had promised that a separate state of Jharkhand would be established as soon as he came to power. After coming to power, he created a separate state on November 15, 2000. This thinking is of a common man.

Marandi said that the people attending the rally spend all their time in looting after coming to power. Hemant Soren remained in the government for 4 years. Today he is in jail. The adage that as you do, so is you, is being implemented on them. After getting power, he did not spare even the rivers, sand and mountains. Digged up the mountain of the palace. Illegal mining of stones worth Rs 1000 crore has taken place in the palace.

ED has mentioned this in its charge sheet. Looted sand and coal. He committed fraud in selling the land. Even the army land was not spared. Made fake documents of tribal land and sold it. This work continued to receive government patronage. Now gradually ED is putting all the people doing this in jail. 

The state president said that the people of Jharkhand know everything. Those who do not respect public sentiments and loot the public in every way are gathering in the rally. How will the public trust such people? Marandi said that these are the same people who call terrorist attacks as saffron terrorism. They do politics when a country’s soldier is shot by terrorists. They give respect to terrorists by using ‘G’. Indian soldiers take retaliatory action as evidence. They continuously try to weaken the country. Similar people are gathering in the rally.

The BJP state president said that in 1962, a large part of the country was given to China by the Congress government. The Modi government is sacrificing its life for each and every land of the country. No one has the courage to capture even 1 inch of land in the country. The people of the country have seen this scene in Galvan Valley and the North-Eastern region. 

He said that earlier we used to import only in the field of defence. Exporting today. After the departure of Atal ji’s government in 2004, Congress came to power. At that time the country’s economy was at 11th place. During the tenure of the Manmohan government, the Super PM was Sonia Gandhi. The situation is such that the country’s economy has moved up by just one notch. That means it came at number 10 out of 11.

During the 10-year tenure of the Modi government, India’s economy took a huge leap and reached 5th position. In the third term of the Modi government, the country’s economy will come to third place. Marandi said that that government never cared about the village. The road was not built. After the formation of BJP government, the road reached the village. Bridges should be built across rivers and streams. There was no electricity in the villages in Jharkhand before 2000.

After the formation of BJP government in the center and state, electricity reached every village. The lantern and the lamp were all forgotten. If the Congress government had actually brought development, where would the country be today? The Modi government has drawn a long line of development in 10 years. The state president of BJP said that the people of Indi alliance are anti-Sanatan. Sanatan is compared to mosquitoes and dengue.

Talk about total destruction. Leaders of the alliance involved in this say that people go to temples to tease girls. Although he never speaks about other religions. He also used derogatory words about Lord Shri Ram. 

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