Amit Shah kicks off Mission 2024 from Chaibasa, asks people to overthrow anti-tribal government from Jharkhand

Chaibasa: Union Home Minister Amit Shah kicked off the Mission 2024 for the BJP in Jharkhand as he addressed a huge public meeting at Tata College Grounds in Chaibasa during which on one hand he highlighted the works of the central government and on the other hand attacked the JMM led government of Jharkhand over a host of issues including illegal entry of Bangladeshis.

Starting his address he asked the people as to whether they wanted to change the government in Jharkhand or not. Continuing further he said that this area is a symbol of freedom. Highlighting the importance of the area and its history he said that the land was so much prosperous that the mineral resources present here can help in eradicating the poverty of the entire country.

He said that people had given a full majority government to BJP led by Raghubar Das during which work was done on various fonts, especially in the area of education road and power but unfortunately now such a government has come which has destroyed Jharkhand. He asked the people as to whether the dream with which Atal Bihari Vajpayee had created Jharkhand is being realised by the present state government of Jharkhand.

Amit Shah said that there was a Tribal Chief Minister in Jharkhand but the government was anti-tribal as corruption was at an all-time high in the state. He said that all the people have come to know the true traits of this government as for the vote bank politics the tribal women and daughters are being harassed but no steps are being taken for which the tribals of Jharkhand will never forgive the government.

Adding further he said that in 2024 again lotus will bloom in Jharkhand. He said that the youth of Jharkhand have been cheated in the name of jobs and also in the name of domicile. He pointed out that in entire Chaibasa area survey was held in 1964 and now the government says that it will give jobs on the basis of a survey of 1932 then how will the people of the Chaibasa area get jobs? He asked the government not to create division on the name of jobs and asked the government to increase jobs and if it is unable then it should ask centre for the same which would do the work of the state government.

Continuing his tirade he asked the state government as to why it was hell-bent on destroying the people of Jharkhand in the name of outsiders and insiders. He asked the state government to take steps to check illegal entry of Bangladeshis in Jharkhand who are marrying the tribal women and said that for the sake of vote bank the government should not become greedy and should take immediate steps to check that. He also highlighted as to how the maoists are being wiped out from the state and how through plans and schemes for the tribals relief is being provided to the tribals.

The Union Minister said that DMFT was sent for tribals but in that also loot was happening. He also highlighted many schemes and works of the centre government including Deoghar Airport etc and asked the state government to highlight its works against the countless done by the Centre for the welfare of the people and went on to claim that the state government has only thing to highlight which is corruption.

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