Amar Bawri lashed out at Congress in the House, Congress MLAs came to the Well and protested

Ranchi:  After the speech of former CM Hemant Soren ended, opposition leader Amar Bawri is speaking in the House. He said, don’t they know that the Governor’s address is not given in writing by the Central Government, it is given in writing by the State Government. After the Modi government came, President’s rule was not imposed anywhere. The booing of ruling party MLAs during the Governor’s speech is not right.

Hemant Soren can be a tribal leader. But there cannot be leaders of tribals, Dalits and backward classes. The ruling party MLAs are not raising slogans during the speech of opposition leader Amar Bawri. During Congress rule, the President’s rule was imposed more than 90 times in different states. It was imposed maximum 50 times during the tenure of Indira Gandhi.

Amar Bawri said that Babulal sent Shibu Soren to Rajya Sabha for the first time. BJP made a tribal woman the President. Congress’s tribal love is just a pretense. He made Madhu Koda the Chief Minister and sent him to jail. Congress also did the work of sending Shibu Soren to jail. Had the Congress government been in power, Hemant Babu would not have remained the Chief Minister for so long. Congress never wants the development of tribals, Dalits and backward people here. 

After this, Congress MLAs Anoop Singh, Deepika Singh Pandey and Irfan Ansari came to the well. All three MLAs opposed Amar Bawri’s speech. Congress MLA Umashankar also came alone to the well. Amba Prasad also came to the well. Meanwhile Amar Bawri is speaking. He said that he does not trust the government. If Hemant ji is not wrong then tell the court. But no one is above the law.

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