Hemant Soren said in the assembly – I will come again, wait

Ranchi: After the speech of new Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren, former CM Hemant Soren is giving a speech. Hemant Soren said that Champai Soren has the full support of my party and all his colleagues. This is the first incident in the country when a CM has been arrested at Raj Bhavan. The Governor also has an important role in this. The dark night of 31st January was the dark night of democracy. This dish was being cooked for four years. I was arrested in a much planned manner. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s democracy is in danger today.

Hemant Soren said that such a big insult to a tribal CM is the first incident in the country. Never seen so much hatred towards tribal Dalits. These people want the tribals to remain in the forest. When we came from the forest, they started feeling pain. If they have their way then they should send the tribals back to the forest. If they are thinking that by putting me in jail their plans have been fulfilled, then they are forgetting. This is Jharkhand. Said that many people spent lakhs and crores and settled abroad. But they could not touch them.

Former CM Hemant Soren gave an open challenge to BJP and said that if 8 acres of land is in my name then bring the papers. If the paper is brought, I will retire from politics. Each of his points will be answered in a befitting manner. He said that I will not shed tears. 

Hemant Soren said that BJP neither allowed its tribal CM to complete five years nor did he allow it to complete it. This is their mentality. They started seeing corruption from the year 2019 itself. They have not seen corruption since 2000. These people cannot see tribals roaming around in airplanes and BMW cars. These are people with feudal mentality. 

He further said that if proof of grabbing of 8 acres of land is given then I will leave Jharkhand, not politics. After Ramraj’s arrival on 22nd, they first targeted Bihar and then a tribal Chief Minister. He said that Rajpal read the address just now. But what is the use now, when democracy itself has been destroyed. Time will return again. I will come again.

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