Alamgir lashed out at BJP in the House, you started the tradition of taking out MLAs in 2005

Ranchi:  After opposition leader Amar Bawri, Congress MLA Alamgir Alam is speaking in the House. Alamgir Alam said that you people are trying to forget the works of your forefathers. He said that whatever is there in the country today, from airplanes to railways, is because of the work of Congress.

Attacking BJP, Alamgir said that first of all in 2005 you did the work of taking out the MLAs from here. You have started this tradition. Congress fought for the independence of the country and liberated the country. Not even a single BJP leader took part in the country’s freedom struggle. They even killed Mahatma Gandhi. These people are running Operation Lotus in the entire country. Whoever does not go with BJP will go to jail.

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