All you need to know about a cellular detox and cleansing

New Delhi (IANSlife) While we speak about cellular detox, cleansing, autophagy etc, we need to understand which toxins are we referring to. Our body is exposed to various toxins on a daily basis either internal or external.

Externally, they enter our body through air, food, water, products that we apply over the skin etc. Most of the foods we eat contain pesticides, animal hormones, other toxins, and antibiotics which decrease the ability of our liver and colons to naturally detoxify and digest these foods. When the liver and colon are not working properly and expel such toxins, the whole body turns toxic! This toxicity produces a variety of symptoms such as inability to lose weight, fatigue, skin pigmentations and allergies etc.

Besides bodily toxins, toxins can also exist in the form of negative or unresolved emotions in our minds. These also lead to the manifestation of illnesses. Stress is a big toxin and reduces the ability of the body to absorb nutrients from the food, rest and repairs itself.

Symptoms of Toxicity

Toxicity generally affects us at a cellular level, whereas diseases and their manifestations often appear on an organ level. Consider the disease hepatitis which affects the liver cells, its symptoms are strongly associated almost entirely with the liver functions that are impaired. A toxin however can be circulated throughout the whole body depending on its nature, and therefore can affect many cells types and organ systems at the same time. In addition, we may have many toxins affecting us and each of these has its own particular effect on the body. Such complex toxicity is often hard to understand or predict. In general, many non-specific symptoms might be from a toxic overload.

Why should you Detox?

Detox is like cleansing your inner body. When done correctly under an expert, a detox helps us get rid of countless toxic substances accumulating in our body from the cellular levels. This sets the stage for a healthier lifestyle. Some of the many benefits of regular detoxing include: preventing chronic disease, slows premature ageing, increases energy, improves mental clarity, restores balances to our body systems etc. it is suggested that we do a short detox every quarter or do a complete detox twice a year.

How to do cellular cleansing and expel the toxins from the body

One of the most accepted and quick forms of body cleansing is by tapering the diet and by promoting the intake of alkaline foods in the form of liquids. Liquid fasting is an act of self abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a specific period. During fasting, the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. One can accelerate this cleansing process by drinking alkaline juices. Sugars in juices will strengthen the body and provide energy, juice fasting is, therefore, the safest form of fasting.

While in the process of eliminating accumulated poisons and toxic waste materials, a lot of energy is spent during the fast. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to take a good physical rest and mental relaxation as possible during the fast.

Recommendations for a fruitful cleansing

* Consume 8 — 12 glasses of water at room temperature to speed up the cellular cleansing.

* During the cleansing process, we go through healing crises such as mild headaches, false hunger pangs, nausea or exhaustion. One must manage this with the help of wellness or nutritional expert.

* Take adequate physical rest and do not indulge in too intense activities for a longer period. Mild to moderate activities are recommended such as yoga, meditation, walking, TRX, dancing, swimming and stretching.

* Avoid any other junk food as this will adversely affect the cleansing process of the body and mind.

* No solid food is to be consumed during the liquid cleanse and then the cleanse need to be gradually ended.

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