Easy ways to weight gain

New Delhi (IANSlife) How one can lose weight is a hot topic, but a lot of people also face an underweight problem. They try different methods with little or no success. Advice from friends and family members may not be helpful. To gain weight, choosing the right method is difficult.

For thin people, it is very easy to start eating food full of fat to gain weight quickly, but it’s an unhealthy and dangerous way. Lakshita Jain, Certified Clinical Dietician, Lecturer, Diabetes Educator, Meat Technologist, and Founder of NUTR shares a complete weight gain meal plan that should consist of whole multi-grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, protein and dairy products.

* Body type: There are three types of bodies, and one is ectomorph. Ectomorph individuals can eat any portions and still find it difficult to gain weight and muscles. No amount of food helps them put on weight. A slight modification can help them.

* Calories: Increase calories in your diet. Add 500 plus Calories to your daily meals. From your regular food start adding one more portion. For example, if you eat two chapatis per meal — eat three and stuff it with high fibrous vegetables like bottle gourd, spinach, potatoes etc. You can also stuff it with paneer or combine chapati with two sabzi, one lentil and curd.

Meal Ideas:

Early morning: Have two spoons of ghee with turmeric and black pepper. Ghee is calorie-rich which helps to increase your daily calories and the combination will help you with digestion, joint pain and improving skin.

* Breakfast: Protein based smoothies (Dairy/ nut milk + oats + Nuts and seeds + protein supplement + honey) + 4 whole eggs + 2 Banana Or Stuffed potato chapati (3) + Mix veg sabzi + Mix veg achar + Milk

* Brunch: 4-5 servings of fruits + nuts and seeds + 1 Tall glass of buttermilk

* Lunch: Any 2 sabzi + Dal + Stuffed chapati (3)

* Evening: Grilled paneer/ chicken/ Boiled eggs + Saute veggies + Protein shake

* Dinner: Oats Uthappam (3) + Sambhar (2 cups) + Coconut Chutney

1 Hour after dinner:

* Banana shake: 1 Banana + 2 whole eggs + Full cream milk (Blend)

How to gain weight?

* Eat small, frequent meals to help build a healthy appetite. Plan for 3 meals and 2-3 snacks each day.

* Quick Snack ideas — Rajma rolls, paneer rolls, soya rolls, Cheese, yoghurt and fruit, peanut butter toast, fruit and nut mixes, hard-boiled eggs, tuna or egg salad

* Quick Meal ideas — baked potato topped with chilli, vegetable and rice stir-fry, chicken or taco, quesadilla, Dal soup.

Between meals and snacks:

* Save your appetite for planned meals and snacks. Avoid eating little bits of food all day long.

* Drink water between meals and snacks. Beverages fill you up and leave no room for food.

* Limit candy, chips, cake, cookies, and sweetened beverages. These foods provide little nutrition and can ruin your appetite for meals.

* Include physical activity each day. Light exercise improves appetite.

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