All things ‘Merry Christmas’

New Delhi (IANSlife) To help you get into the holiday spirit, here’s a special selection of Christmas decorations to give your home Christmas vibes. All around the world, families get together and decorate their homes to celebrate the season and partake in annual festivities. The annual holiday greeting card is on everyone’s to-do list, so here are a few ideas:

The shimmering snowflake provides for a bright colour which adds a superior light effect for your home. These lights make the decorated area bright and ornamental, and can be bent skillfully to decorate and achieve a nice effect. You can easily hang them on windows or anywhere else, to add a warm and charming atmosphere for Christmas gatherings.

Available on Amazon at a very reasonable price of Rs 399

Want to get some fancy backdrop for Christmas photoshoots? The best way is to create one with white curtains, LED lightning adding to the glamour.

White curtains along with LED lightning available on Amazon at a price of Rs 499

Experience the feel of freshly fallen snow anywhere by creating your own winter Christmas decor with a craft kit, that provides you with a great DIY ideas, to satisfy your inner child.

Christmas trees should be first thing in your shopping list and it should also include Santa Claus, assorted Christmas tree decoration ornaments, Santa cap, snowman and jingle bells are must.

Complementing the Holiday spirit here’s a Hamper that is all things ‘Merry Christmas’. Filled to the brim by our in-house elves with hand-picked Christmas ornaments, Chocolate Potli, LED and a colourful metal planter in wooden tray.

Use this hamper for a side table look i.e. easily available at priced at Rs 1400

Highlighting the Christmas colours

We’re all aware that Christmas is dominated by three colours: green, white and red. Pick festive decor in holiday hues to add a gleaming touch to these colours and to boost the overall aesthetic of your home. When cooking cookies, decorating the table, or deciding on a theme for your Christmas party, bring out the Christmas colours.

Priced at Rs 1200 available at

Hanging holiday wreaths

Hang a delicate wreath over each entrance inside your home to get into the festive spirit. Wreaths can also be hung on the mantel, in front of the windows, and on bedroom doors. You can use a variety of wreaths, from holly to grapevine, and embellish them with bows. There are also a variety of artificial wreath options on the market that will last for more than one Christmas season!

Available on Amazon priced at Rs 900

The Fiddlerz Christmas tree ornament set is an easy way to bring Christmas joy into any environment. It has a variety of balls, bells, drums, candy sticks, and Santa Claus in it. It will simplify your Christmas preparations. This particular kit will make it simple for you to realise your decorating dreams. Make your Christmas decor unique by adding the right Christmas ornaments to your tree over the holiday season. Classic and vintage tree decor will add charm to your area while you spend quality time with your family.

Available on at a price of Rs 600

Dine in decor

The dining table will be the centre of attention for your Christmas lunch, and it requires the same level of care. Natural pine cones and light-coloured and rustic wooden serving dishes look stunning with elegant metallics in snowflake silver or starry gold. A simple candle holder made from a cluster of little twigs or cinnamon sticks can be used as a Christmas centrepiece. That’s it! You’ve prepared the ideal table for a festive feast. If you’ve avoided using bright colours on the table, make a statement with vivid evergreen wreaths hung from light fixtures, windows and door frames.

Pillow covers with Christmas designs are a fun and easy way to freshen up any house for the holiday season. Choose Christmas-themed covers with reindeer, trees or pine cones in the traditional red and white Christmas colours. Fill up and liven up any empty area in your home with these cushions.

Available on Flipkart at a very reasonable price of Rs 399

Mini pine cones can be used for decorating Christmas tree. Pine cones aren’t simply for adorning Christmas trees. They can also be used to dress up your dining room table and other areas of your home. They have a cheerful appearance and a warm, wintery vibe that is guaranteed to be liked by many over the Christmas season.

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