Jharkhand Assembly passes ‘Prevention of Mob Violence and Mob Lynching Bill, 2021’

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Assembly on Tuesday passed the Prevention of Mob Violence and Mob Lynching Bill 2021. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alamgir Aalam tabled the bill in the assembly which was passed by the house despite stiff opposition by the BJP. During the discussion on the bill, the MLAs of the BJP indulged in slogan shouting and came into the well of the house. They alleged that through this bill the government was taking one more step towards the politics of appeasement.

MLAs Amar Bauri, Amit Mandal, and Ramachandra Chandravanshi had even brought amendments to the bill which were also rejected. BJP MLA Amit Mandal said that this black chapter of the government will be written across Jharkhand. He also raised questions over the intentions of the officials who had prepared the bill. Mandal said that in this bill the word Mob has been used in English and has been further defined as two or more than two. He asked on what basis for two people the word mob has been used.

He alleged that officials have prepared the bill to please the government. Amar Bauri on his part said that for appeasement of a particular section this bill has been brought despite the fact the tribals are facing the most atrocities in the state. He described the bill as anti-Jharkhand.

As per the provisions of the bill if any person dies due to lynching then the culprits will be awarded rigorous life imprisonment and along with that a fine ranging from Rs 5 lakh up to Rs 25 lakh will be imposed. If someone is hurt in act of lynching then the culprit will be awarded imprisonment up to three years with a fine ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. In case someone is seriously injured then the punishment will range from 10 years to life imprisonment and fine will be in the range of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

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