Ajitanand Ojha seated on the throne of Sardar Panda at Bada Baidynath Dham Deoghar


Deoghar, Jul 7: After a gap of 46 years Ajithanand Ojha was seated on the throne of Sardar Panda of Baba Baidyantah Dham located in Deoghar.

Since early morning rituals were performed in the temple and amid all the traditional rituals Ajithanand Ojha was was brought to the temple amid fan fare by his family members.


Those present on the historic occasion included State’s Labour Minister Raj Paliwar, Deoghar MLA Narayan Das, Jarmundl MLA Badal Patralekh, DC Deoghar Rahul Kumar and president and members of Panda Dharam Rakshini Sabha.


Henceforth teh right over the puja in the temple would belong to the Sardar Panda. Ajithanand Ojha fought a legal battle for 46 years after which teh court ruled in his favour however the court has not given any administrative and financial rights to jim. The arrangements for puja in the temple. His all expenses would be borne by the shrine board and other facilites like housing and other amenities would also  be provided by teh shrine board to Sardar Panda.

It is worth mentioning that the than Sardar Panda Bhavpritanand Ojha had died on March 11, 1970 after which the throne of Sardar Panda was vacant.


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