Agnipath protests: Tight security arrangements at Ranchi railway station amid train cancellations

Ranchi: Given the violent protests against the Agnipath Scheme launched by the Central government, the Ranchi Railway Division on Sunday announced the cancellation of more than a dozen trains.

Elaborate security arrangements had been made at Ranchi railway station. Apart from that, there was a special vigilance of RPF at all the railway stations under the Ranchi Railway Division. According to information, on June 18 also more than two dozen trains were cancelled.

More than 18 trains have been cancelled on Sunday as well. Updates are being sent continuously from the Railway Headquarters regarding the cancellation of the train.

Apart from this, the RPF team is also taking the help of the district administration to deal with the miscreants. Central government’s Agnipath scheme is being opposed across the country. The youth engaged in the preparation of army recruitment have strongly opposed this decision of the government.

Meanwhile, the biggest impact of this protest has been on the railways. The youth claim that their hopes were crushed by this decision of the government, as they prepare for a permanent job and stability. This one-of a-kind scheme is the first time something like this has been launched for the Indian Army, wherein soldiers will be recruited for short terms.

Under this scheme, about 40-45 thousand youth will be inducted into the army every year. These youths will be between the age of 17.5 to 23 years. These recruitments will be done based on merit and medical tests. Within these four years, the soldiers will be given basic military training of six months along with a 30-40 thousand monthly salary, among other benefits.

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