Over safety concerns Education Dept orders for closure of all private & government schools in Jharkhand on Monday

Ranchi: In protest against the Agneepath scheme some organizations have announced a Bharat Bandh on Monday and in view of this it has been decided to keep all the school colleges and educational institutions of Jharkhand closed due to security reasons. There are continuous protests across the country regarding the Agneepath scheme.

Taking protective measures, many decisions are being taken and even trains are getting canceled. A decision
has been taken to keep educational institutions closed. In this regard on Monday, instructions have been given by the School Education Literacy Department to keep schools, colleges and educational institutions closed in Jharkhand.

A different atmosphere has been created across the country against the Agneepath scheme and due to this common life is being affected a lot. The furious demonstrations and agitations across the countryit has also had a great impact on rail traffic. At the same time information is being received that on June 20 there is information about Bharat Bandh by some organizations.

For this reason in view of the announcement of Bharat Bandh it has also been decided to keep the school closed as a precautionary measure.

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