Notice of Bharat Bandh on social media against Agneepath scheme, Jharkhand Police Alert

Ranchi: The opposition to the Agneepath scheme brought by the central government for reinstatement in the army is not taking its name to stop as now the information of Bharat Bandh is being spread on social media. Jharkhand Police has too become alert regarding the information of Bharat Bandh being received from social media. In this regard, it has also been announced to close the schools of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand Police Headquarters IG Operations Amol V Homkar said that there is no information about any particular organization or political party calling for a Bharat Bandh but the information is being received from social media and many other sources about the closure of India. In this regard, the police have made elaborate security arrangements.

Police has been put on high alert in all the districts of the state. Along with this, armed forces have been deployed along with the soldiers of RAP, RAF and ZAP. The state government has deployed more than five thousand armed forces as a precaution. The deputation of the forces deployed after the 10 June violence in Ranchi and on 17 June has been retained.

About 3 thousand additional forces are deployed in Ranchi. Apart from this, barricading has been done at all the major square intersections. Along with this, a large number of forces have also been deployed in Palamu, Giridih, Dhanbad, and Jamshedpur. Police forces have been deployed with water cannons, and anti-riot equipment. On the other hand, the Ranchi Police is on alert regarding the bandh.

Lodges and hotels are being searched by the police. It was feared that students could come and stay in hotels and lodges and then they would protest on Monday. In this, the role of many coaching institutes preparing for the army has also been said to be suspicious. This is the reason why the police are keeping an eye on all the coaching centers as well.

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