ACB is continuously receiving complaints of corruption in zonal offices and block offices

Ranchi: People of almost the entire state including Ranchi are fed up with the working style of the officers. The situation is such that the patience of the general public is now breaking and they are not hesitating to complain about the officers to ED and ACB.

After the raid on Thursday on the complaint of corruption at the zonal officer of Ranchi’s Ratu zone, now the ACB is receiving complaints of corruption prevalent in other zonal offices and block offices. But after filing complaints through phone and other means, people are neither giving written applications to ACB nor giving evidence related to corruption. Due to which the agency is facing difficulty in initiating action.

In fact, when ACB receives a complaint against any officer or government employee, first of all the agency investigates that complaint at its own level. During investigation, if the complaint is found to be true then the agency lays a trap. ACB has received dozens of complaints against the employees of Ranchi’s Kanke circle, Nagdi circle, Ratu circle, Ormanjhi circle, Tamar block office, Namkum circle and other government offices.

On Thursday, the zonal officer of Ratu zone and its employees were arrested by the ACB on charges of demanding money for mutation of land. ACB action is still going on and raids are also going on at different locations of Ratu CO.

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