A fragrant start to the day before a new beginning

New Delhi (IANSlife) Attention all brides to be! As the day to tie the knot gets close, the dire need to preserve a gorgeous appearance getting that unique bridal glow is supreme for all brides-to-be! While you prep for the upcoming festivities here are a few simple ways to ensure your skin and body also look and feel as good as you and you exude radiance and energy from within!

Your self-care journey is designed to elevate your sensorial experience, and a foamy shower to start and end the day is the best way to do it!

ITC Fiama presents the perfect shower and grooming routine, to refresh your mind, body, and spirit – making your daily shower ritual more special in the run up to your D Day!

Vidhi Chauhan a Mumbai-based lifestyle influencer shares her thoughts on her self-care journey before her big day, “The stress of planning a wedding and managing your day-to-day routine can be frantic. My way of unwinding before my D-Day involved a soothing shower and self-care routine to relieve stress and rejuvenate my skin. ITC Fiama Happy Naturals Yuzu and Bergamot Shower Gel and Perfume Mist has been my go-to product for my bathing ritual.In my routine, I use a shower gel that makes me feel rejuvenated and fresh. To add a spritz of freshness throughout the day, I always layer it up with perfume mist post-shower.’’

Eliminate Stress

Concentrate on the goal of releasing any stress as you lather up your bath, creating a mental and physical blank slate.Cleaning the skin and the mind is the first step of the self-care shower grooming regimen. Use the new ITC Fiama Happy Naturals Yuzu and Bergamot shower gel made with 97% natural origin content to remove the day’s stress and make room for a joyous new beginning.This shower gel has yuzu and bergamot whose zesty notes will keep you refreshed at any time of the day. It is dermatologically tested and has a skin-friendly PH. It also has skin conditioners that make your skin feel soft, happy and supple!

Rejuvenating with Care

The secret to displaying a bright, new skin appearance is exfoliation. To remove dead skin cells and increase circulation, use ITC Fiama Lacey Loofah Goldfor exfoliation. This procedure ensures that the products utilized later are more effective and penetrate deeper for optimum benefit, in addition to it ensures that your selected body lotion or oil is absorbed, pat dry your skin gently, leaving it damp helping to achieve smooth skin.

The Fragrant End

A post shower fragrance will instantly elevate your entire routine. Layer your fragrance from the shower with a spritz or two of the perfume mists. Remember to enjoy the process of layering as you set out on this wonderful journey by applying the perfume mist onto your pulse points and let these times of self-care heighten the happiness of the impending festivities.

By embracing a radiant you, ready to walk down the aisle with confidence, elegance, and the dazzling beauty of a bride poised to start a new chapter, you are not only preparing your skin for the big day—you are also nourishing your bridal glow with this carefully planned shower grooming routine.

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