6 unique ways to celebrate Karwa Chauth

October (IANSlife) One of the most memorable events in a deeply-in-love couple’s life after their anniversary is Karwa Chauth. They go above and above to make this incredible day unique and memorable for one another.

The focus of the Karwa Chauth festival is on women dressed exquisitely, resembling brides for their husbands. They simply want to see their spouses happy and healthy for the rest of their lives, which is why they do everything from observing whole-day waterless fasts to praying to God for long and healthy marriages.

Here are some fantastic ways you can celebrate Karwa Chauth and make such outstanding women in your life feel ecstatic:

Prepare delicious Sargi for wife

There are moments when being apart from relatives in a different nation or place causes unhappiness and unease. Keep your wife from feeling the same way because your mother isn’t here to show her how much she is loved with heartfelt Sargi presents. Put on a chef’s hat on Karwa Chauth and cook her a delicious dinner to make her feel welcome.

Give her a break from household chores

A wife whether she stays at home or works is the one who is unable to escape the never-ending tasks around the house. Whether it’s a typical day or a holiday, she becomes bogged down in household chores and has little time to unwind. She is fasting for you on this Karwa Chauth, so don’t let her spend the entire day in the kitchen. Instead, make her day exceptional and unforgettable in every way. She will feel more at ease and have a radiant complexion after taking a vacation from the housework.

Plan gifts for the entire day

The most devoted and resilient partner in a man’s life is his wife. Magnificent presents will undoubtedly increase her happiness and excitement. Your beloved wife would love this approaching Karwa Chauth if you surprise her with beautiful Karwa Chauth presents for wife throughout the day. Gifts such as flowers, chocolates, plush toys, thalis, clothing, jewelry, and other items with sentimental meanings will fill her with love and affection.

Post-Karwa Chauth puja party

For her long and healthy life, she is wearing a bride’s attire and following a waterless Karwa Chauth fast. Immediately following the Karwa Chauth Puja in the evening, arrange a sumptuous surprise party to make this joyous event even more memorable for her. Surprise her greatly by throwing a dinner party and inviting her family and friends. She will undoubtedly feel fortunate to have a husband like you after receiving this wonderful and unexpected surprise.

Keep fast for her

A good husband is one who never deserts his wife and does everything in his power to ensure her happiness and safety at all times. This Karwa Chauth, make your wife happy by keeping a fast for her; she too deserves to live a long and healthy life. She is your lifesaver, and by fasting for her on this particular day, you will grant her a happy life spent with you.

Perfect dinner night

An extra-special occasion that strengthens a couple’s bond is Karwa Chauth Day. Treat your spouse to a dinner date at her preferred eatery after she observed a strict fast on Karwa Chauth for you. Take her out on the scheduled dinner night and enjoy a romantic evening together after you have completed the Karwa Chauth Puja at home. Don’t forget to give her a lovely Karwa Chauth gift and some fresh red roses.

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