5 quick wardrobe maintenance tips for fresh clothes

New Delhi (IANSlife) Most of the time, we concentrate on cleaning the items placed inside the wardrobe but not the closet itself. But, maintaining a clean wardrobe definitely is a road map to your clean clothes. Here are the five quick wardrobe maintenance tips for fresh clothes, shared by Roopa Hariharan, Co-founder PureCult, an eco-friendly home cleaning products maker.

Spot clean the wardrobe with detergent or cleanser to avoid dry and irremovable stains

Based upon the material your closet is made up of, you can use a detergent, soap or cleanser to remove the stains immediately. The regular stains that wardrobes or cupboards have are because of dust accumulation in the corners and crevices. But spills are also another reason to form the spots. Clean them immediately to avoid dry and glossy stains.

Combat the moths out of the wardrobe to save your woollen wear

Moths are mostly drawn to sweat, hair and body oil left on clothing, particularly those made out of natural fibres. Even though we clean all the clothes before placing them in the wardrobe, the leftover scents are enough for them to settle over.

Place dried rosemary, cloves, lavender, or bay leaves into a small cloth bag and hang them in your wardrobe or your drawers. The essential oils form of these herbs, spread on contaminated areas of the closet, can also repel moths. You can use an essential oil diffuser alongside to eliminate them.

Pick good thick wooden hangers to hang your clothes in the wardrobe

Not all the clothes require a smooth iron and fold to place them back. Few require a free flow of air. You can hang such delicate pieces with hangers. Ensure you are picking good thick wooden hangers set to hang your clothes. The wooden hangers will help you maintain the shape of the shoulder. Also, maintain an inch between each piece of clothing while hanging them in a wardrobe to let your costumes breathe.

Practice wardrobe organization and storage habits to increase the span of your wardrobe and clothes

Whether you have a cool walk-in closet or just a couple of shelves, the way you store clothes can make them last for years. Follow the basic principles like folding heavy sweaters onto the top shelf, buttoning the buttons and zipping the zippers to maintain the shape before placing. Placing them at the right points will make your wardrobe less messy and fewer stains in the end.

Freshen up the wardrobe with the fragrance of lavender and geranium essential oils

Feel the fresh and relaxing aroma from your closet by placing the mixture of lavender, geranium and basil essential oils. They freshen up your wardrobe and keep it light and aromatic every day.

A fresh and clean closet is everything you need for your perfect clothing and accessories storage. Follow the above easy tips to ensure you have a refreshing closet and refreshing clothes henceforth!

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