10 officers who became IAS from the State Administrative Service were honored, while 19 retired JAS officers were given farewell

Ranchi:  A welcome cum farewell ceremony was organized by Jharkhand Administrative Services Association (JHASA) in the Project Bhawan Auditorium in Ranchi on Sunday.

In the event, a farewell cum felicitation ceremony was organized in the honor of the officers who retired from the state administrative service last year.

These officers have retired from the level of Special Secretary, Additional Secretary or Joint Secretary.

On the other hand, in the same programme, the officials who were promoted from the State Administrative Service to the Indian Administrative Service were also welcomed and felicitated.

As a mark of respect and farewell, the officials were honored with shawls and insignia on behalf of JHASA and their Underlining the good work done by him, gratitude was also expressed towards him.

The officers who were honored by giving a collective farewell on behalf of JHASA included Ram Kumar Singha, Sanjay Kumar, Ashok Kumar Khaitan, Abhay Kumar Singha, Salan Bhuiyan, Ranjana Mishra, Rakesh Roshan, Ranjit Kumar Singha.

Sarita Das, Wilson Bhengra, Ashok Kumar Shah, Dr. Sanjay Singh, Surendra Kumar Verma, Indradev Mandal, Abhishek Srivastava, Rajesh Ranjan Verma, Narendra Prasad Gupta, Nand Kishore Gupta, Arvind Mishra included.

Among the officers promoted from Jharkhand Administrative Service to Indian Administrative Service, a welcome cum felicitation program was organized by JHASA, Vidhan Chandra Choudhary, Shailendra Kumar Lal, Shri Rajeev Ranjan, Sunil Kumar, Sunil Kumar Singh, Vijay Kumar Gupta,  Krishna Kumar Singh, Satyendra Kumar, Ranjit Kumar Lal, Manoj Kumar Ranjan.

The officers who were honored at the ceremony said that organizing such programs by the association strengthens the group spirit among fellow officers and increases the sense of unity and brotherhood among them.

On this occasion, JHASA President Ranjita Hembram said in her address that JHASA is always proud of the work done by all its retired officials who are being honored here.

She said that not only Jhasa, but also the citizens of the state are grateful for the contribution made by him in the development of the state.

Media in-charge Sanjay Kumar conducted the program, while the vote of thanks was given by General Secretary Rahul Kumar.

Apart from the special invitee officers who were honored on this occasion, Om Prakash Shah, Dilip Tirkey, Meena, Ram Narayan Singh, Manisha Tigga, Manisha Tirkey, Praveen Kerketta, Pankaj Kumar Singh, Mukesh Machhua, Aruna Kumari, Praveen Singh were present.

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