Youth of state have big role in taking state forward with dignity: Hemant Soren

Chaibasa: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Wednesday said that the youth of Jharkhand can play a big role in taking the state forward with dignity.

Addressing the Kolhan Divisional Level Aapke Adhikar-Apki Sarkar Apke Dwar programme in the West Singhbhum district he said that the government will support the youth in every way in employment and business. He said that it is the government’s resolve that here should be a smile on the face of the coming generation, farmers and workers of Jharkhand.

“ I believe that the villagers have some disappointment towards the government system. With the aim of eradicating that despair and instilling confidence, the government has come to your door so that the needy can be covered by the schemes,” he said adding that public participation is essential to strengthening the rural economy.

He said the officials are reaching the remote villages so that the problems of the villagers can be resolved at their doorsteps. Other states of the country are moving ahead with their tradition and culture and Jharkhand too needed to move fast, otherwise it will be left behind. He requested the people to come forward and take advantage of the schemes.

The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand is coming out of the pandemic period. During the pandemic an action plan was made to give direction to the state and now the government has brought schemes at their doorstep, where the problem is being solved in a few minutes. He said that Jharkhand is the land of heroes. For the protection of the tribals, natives, water, forest and land and the rights of the people, the brave sons have sacrificed themselves and their sacrifice will not go in vain. To fulfill their dreams, the government is reaching the doorsteps of the needy, he highlighted.

The Chief Minister said that soon a skill university would be established in Jharkhand where there will be an initiative to connect the youth with employment by making them skilled. Local languages have been included in the examinations with priority he said adding that the youth can move forward with their own language. He pointed that two days ago, the government had asked the bank management as to why the tribal community was not getting loans. He said that the bank management should make out-of-the box arrangements so that the tribal community can progress in other areas including business.

Hemant Soren said that it is ironic that in 20 years, the identity of the differently-abled people could not be established. The government is working to connect all the disabled with the pension scheme and in such a situation all the disabled people will be identified and pension will be given to them. The Chief Minister said in this programme that the government is doing the work of giving 50 thousand rupees to the dependents of the head of the family who died from Corona. This work is being done in all the districts.

Various Cabinet Ministers, Singhbhum MP Geeta Koda, former Chief Minister Madhu Koda, MLAs, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Principal Secretaries of various departments and others were present on the occasion.

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