Youth carrying Doda for smuggling arrested in Ranchi

Ranchi: Police arrested a young man who was carrying Doda for smuggling.

Taking action on the instructions of SSP Chandan Sinha, the police of Nagdi police station seized five bags of doda.

One person has been arrested in this case.

The name of the arrested person is Suleman. While one person involved has absconded.

The name of the absconding person is Dayal.

Addressing the press conference on Monday, the SSP said that on Sunday, two persons were carrying a Doda tied in a sack behind two bikes in Nagdi area.

After getting information about the case, the police launched a checking campaign and one person was arrested.

When both the bikes were signaled to be stopped with the help of police force, a person riding the bike ran away leaving his bike along with the sack.

A total of five sacks of doda were loaded on both the bikes.

The total weight of five sacks of Doda is 80.700 kg.

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