Yogoda Satsang self-realization text series in Hindi to be release on January 5 – Swami Ishwarananad Giri

Ranchi: On the 131st birth anniversary of Paramahansa Yogananda, the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS), will release the Hindi translation of the new edition of the Yogoda Satsanga Self-Realization Textbook on January 5.

Senior monk of YSS Swami Ishwaranand Giri said in a press conference about the self-realization text series.

He also presented details of the service to humanity being provided by YSS in various fields.

“Paramahansa Yogananda often referred to the path of Kriya Yoga, which includes scientific techniques of meditation, as ‘the highway to God’.

His teachings are made available through the printed Yogoda Satsanga text series — and now available in Hindi, these texts will allow ordinary people in India to learn to meditate in their mother tongue,” Swamiji said.

Swami Ishwaranandji invited newcomers interested in learning the sacred science of Kriya Yoga meditation to register for the Yogada Satsanga course at yssi.org/Lessons-Hindi, saying, “Despite our various achievements in life, we often feel a sense of emptiness.

“These teachings of Kriya Yoga meditation provide us with the tools we need to fill that void—to reveal all the peace and joy of the Spirit within us.”

About the Yogada Satsang Textbook “The new edition of the Yogada Satsang Textbook is a greatly refined and expanded version of Yoganandaji’s home-study program.

The original series consists of 18 detailed lessons, which are mailed to seekers — at the rate of one lesson every two weeks, over a nine-month period.

This new edition includes valuable previously unpublished material from Paramahansaji’s writings and classes on Yogoda Satsang meditation techniques and sadhana.”

“The new edition of the book has been reorganized to help new practitioners.

“After eight months of study, you will be eligible to apply for Kriya Yoga.”

“From the very first lesson, you will receive specific methods, with the practice of which you will soon experience the benefits of meditation.

You learn three powerful techniques taught by Paramahansa Yogananda as an essential first step into the broader spiritual science of Kriya Yoga, building a solid foundation for deeper meditation.”

“After enrolling in the new curriculum series, you will receive a digital app — you can also read each lesson in digital form on your mobile phone or computer through SRF/YSS App.

Supplementary audio and video materials are also available in digital format with each lesson.

Videos of guided meditation sessions are also available on this app.

On the role of Yogoda Satsang in social service, Swamiji said:

During the Corona period, the monks of Yogada Satsang, along with a large number of Yogada devotees around Ranchi, provided food to the poor and the neglected, where no one was able to reach.

Rice, pulses, vegetables, oil and spices were delivered to them in large numbers, so that the stoves in their homes could be lit even in those adverse circumstances.

Medical facilities to some private/government institutions were also provided by Yogada Ashram during that period.

Yogada Satsang Society runs Yogada Satsang Hospital in Ranchi itself.

Where so far this year, 23,297 patients have taken health benefits in OPD.

12,720 eye patients took eye related health benefits in OPD.

Operations of 1430 eye patients were also performed.

In this hospital, patients also get the facility of free medicines and pathology tests.

Even in many remote areas where no one can reach, this organization reaches with its medical team, provides free health check-up to the deprived/poor people there and also distributes free medicines among them.

Yogoda Satsang Society of India (YSS) set up Pediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU) at Community Health Center in Angada Block of Ranchi district.

Yogoda Satsang Society also provides scholarships every year to meritorious and disadvantaged students pursuing matriculation and higher education.

YSS constructed a new building complex and a large multipurpose auditorium and hall for the Yogoda Satsang Vidyalaya.

The total cost of this construction was ₹ 22 crores, of which we received an amount of ₹ 8 crores as financial assistance from the Government of India.

The new building complex of Yogoda Satsanga Vidyalaya has been designed on the basis of the ancient Gurukul keeping in mind the principles propounded by Paramahansa Yoganandaji such as the idea of studying while living close to nature.

Yogoda Satsang has 17 educational institutions for boys and girls all over India.

In 2024, 17 Sadhana Sangams will be organized for the convenience of Yogdha devotees, of which eight will be held in Ranchi, four in Noida, three in Dakshineswar and two in Igatpuri, Maharashtra.

Sadhana Sangam is done to accelerate the spiritual path of the seekers and to purify the techniques.

For the spread of Yoga and strong spiritual environment in the country, 20 one-day programs, 13 three-day programs, 5 two-day programs and 3 retreats will be organized in different areas.

On behalf of Yogada Satsang Math, a separate satsang and summer camp is arranged every Sunday to awaken spiritual interest in children from childhood, to inculcate human values and to create capable citizens with true devotion towards the country.

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