Working to provide pure drinking water in all households by 2024: Minister

Bokaro: Jharkhand’s Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation Department Mithilesh Kumar Thakur has said that the government has set a target of providing pure drinking water to all the households of Jharkhand by
the year 2024.

The department is working expeditiously in this direction by preparing an action plan and he himself is monitoring it regularly. The minister, who arrived in Bokaro to attend a programme on Saturday while addressing the journalists in the Circuit House said that the agencies performing the works related to laying of water towers and pipes for drinking water supply, whose performance is slow and not satisfactory they will be blacklisted. He said that any negligence in construction work will not be tolerated.

The minister said that the present government has provided pure drinking water facility to the homes of 11.50 lakh people so far in spite of various adverse circumstances during its tenure. Soon a review meeting will be held with the divisional level officials in which review will be done on various points/progress, Thakur said.

The minister said that the government is working in the interest of the state and is taking any decision after in-depth study, deliberation, contemplation on various demands of common people. He said that some parties are unnecessarily giving weight to some matters and this has nothing to do with the government.

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