Why your baby deserves the best massage

New Delhi, Sep 23 (IANSlife) A practice that has its roots in ancient times, baby massage is an important step in babys skin care routine.

Apart from soothing and strengthening the muscles, a massage has many added benefits, including improving weight gain, aiding good sleep, promoting digestion, and the overall growth and development of your little one.

A massage not only ensures that the baby is healthy but also helps the parent and little one bond. Research suggests that a good massage encourages interaction between the mother and baby.

“A massage is the best relaxing therapy for your baby, especially in the initial months. It is advisable to give an oil massage to your baby right before a bath, as it helps promote blood circulation as well as stimulates growth,” said Dr. Subhashini N.S., Ayurveda Expert, Discovery Sciences Group, R&D, The Himalaya Drug Company.

“When opting for an oil massage for your baby, it is preferable to use a massage oil that has been formulated especially for babies and is free from mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, etc. Parents can also incorporate a gentle massage in the night as it helps baby sleep better,” she said.

Two key ingredients parents can look for when choosing a baby massage oil are:

Olive oil: Enriched with vitamin E, it helps nourish, protect, and soften baby’s skin. Olive oil has soothing and antimicrobial properties, which ensures that baby’s skin is healthy and hydrated. It also strengthens your little one’s nails and softens cuticles.

Winter cherry (Ashvagandha): This is one of the renowned herbs in Ayurveda for baby massage, well known for promoting strength. This herb helps soothe baby’s skin, and the antioxidants help boost blood circulation, leaving the skin nourished.

Avoid giving your baby a massage right after feeding. Instead, allow a gap of 30-45 minutes between a massage and the feed, Dr. Subhashini said.

Babies usually love their massage time. However, if your newborn is sleepy during the massage, then it might not be the best time, she added.

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