Why lingerie can be a game-changer in your romantic life

New Delhi (IANSlife) Romance among couples is a bond that is unfiltered and completely divine. The feeling of being wanted and desired is enough to give you goosebumps and when it comes from your love interest, nothing like it!

After a while, couples do try a variety of things to reignite the passion among themselves, and how about getting a hot pair of lingerie to get him all excited.

Here’s a closer look to know the reasons why lingerie can make your man desire you more. The report is based on a survey conducted by Groversons Paris Beauty among 25,000 of its female buyers from Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, New Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Bengaluru.

Ignites the passion of love

Normally for couples who have been in the relationship for quite a time, their erotic life seems to have a monotonous path, simply no efforts for imagination and seduction. However, things are changing with the current generation. They want to know more, explore more, have high expectations from each other. To keep the passion of both partners alive and to capture your partner’s attention, you need sexy lingerie that turns on your partner, bringing out his erotic side as it exposes men to the female world and makes them understand women better.

From plunge bras to lacy, to pretty panties and thongs, one can choose anything to do the trick. A sexy pair of lingerie is like icing on the cake which will definitely world as a perfect dessert.

Speaking from their real-life incidents, 54.25 per cent of women prefer wearing the right kind of lingerie on their special date nights. About 40.81 per cent have stated that it has helped in making their partners feel special as we make extra efforts to keep the spark on.

Set yourself and the surroundings

There are times in a relationship where you spend normal boring days without realising the need of some spice and extra in your relationship. If not both, one must think to start putting required efforts to uplift the mood of your partner and your relationship. So, for a woman, adding the spice of a fresh quirky pair of lingerie can solve the purpose. 52.92 per cent of Groversons consumers have stated that their lingerie wear has helped them to get intimate with their partners.

According to Groversons report, about 42.14 per cent of women have stated that having a good lingerie collection helps in adding spice to their erotic lives. Interestingly 58.17 per cent have voted for lacy bras while 49.21 per cent have voted for transparent babydoll lingerie to be their preferred choice.

Appearance leads to confidence

It’s a fact that good lingerie enhances the overall appearance and sexy lingerie not only makes you more desirable but also enhances your personality as you dress up in different outfits. Lingerie has the capacity of changing your entire look, so choose smartly. Be it corset, thongs or push-up bras, pick something that you think will catch your partner’s eyes and be difficult for him to resist.

Feeling confident is the first most key to achieve anything and 46.22 per cent of Groversons Paris Beauty consumers have confirmed that having a good lingerie collection brings out confidence in them and about 47.76 per cent of consumers like to have a diverse lingerie collection for themselves. Interestingly, red, hot pink and black colours are the most in-demand with 58.12 per cent, 40 per cent and 57.65 per cent votes respectively.

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